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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Jul 26, 2021


  • Eric Brewer, VP of Infrastructure, and Google Fellow @ Google
  • Aparna Sinha, Director of Product Management @ Google Cloud


  • What is software supply chain security and how is it different from other kinds of supply chain security? 
  • What types of organizations need to care about it? Is supply chain...

Jul 19, 2021

No guests. We interviewed each other!


  • What would you say are the most things that Chronicle is trying to address today?
  • What are the good ways to use threat intel to detect threats that do not ruin your SOC?
  • What does “autonomic” security mean, anyway? Is this a fancy way of saying “automatic” or...

Jul 12, 2021


  • Phil Venables (@philvenables), Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) @ Google Cloud 
  • Dave Hannigan, Director, Financial Services Security & Compliance @ Google Cloud 


  • As a CISO, would you ever decide to use multiple clouds, if it were in your hands? 
  • How is security...

Jul 6, 2021


  • Kelly Anderson, Head of Product Marketing, User Protection Services @ Google Cloud


  • What is marketing, really? Why is it sometimes reviled by the technologists?
  • What makes a great marketer in cloud security?
  • What’s different about cloud security marketing, as opposed to regular old on-premise security...