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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Dec 18, 2023



  • When you look back, what were the most surprising cloud breaches in 2023, and what can we learn from them? How were they different from the “old world” of on-prem breaches? 

  • For a long time it’s felt like incident response has been an...

Dec 11, 2023


  • Michee Smith, Director, Product Management for Global Affairs Works, Google


  • What is Google Annual Transparency Report and how did we get started doing this? 

  • Surely the challenge of a transparency report is that there are things we can’t be transparent about, how do we balance this? What are...

Dec 4, 2023


  • Monica Shokrai, Head Of Business Risk and Insurance For Google Cloud 


  • Could you give us the 30 second run down of what cyber insurance is and isn't?

  • Can you tie that to clouds? How does the cloud change it? Is it the case that now I don't need insurance for some of the "old school" cyber risks?

Nov 27, 2023



  • Gary, you’ve been doing software security for many decades, so tell us: are we really behind on securing ML and AI systems? 

  • If not SBOM for data or “DBOM”, then what? Can data supply chain tools or just better...

Nov 20, 2023


  • John Stoner, Principal Security Strategist, Google Cloud Security

  • Dave Herrald, Head of Adopt Engineering, Google Cloud Security


  • In your experience, past and present, what would make clients trust vendor detection content?

  • Regarding “canned”, default or “out-of-the-box” detections, how...