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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Feb 27, 2023



  • Tell us about joining Robinhood and prioritizing focus areas for detection in your environment?

  • Tim and Anton argue a lot about what kind of detection is best - fully bespoke and homemade, or scalable off-the-shelf. First, does...

Feb 20, 2023


  • Ana Oprea, Staff Security Engineer, European Lead of Vulnerability Coordination Center @ Google


  • What is the scope for the vulnerability management program at Google? Does it cover  OS, off-the-shelf applications, custom code we wrote … or all of the above?

  • Our vulnerability...

Feb 13, 2023


  • John Stoner, Principal Security Strategist @ Google Cloud


  • Please define threat hunting  for us quickly, the term has been corrupted a bit

  • What are your favorite beginner hunts to jump start the effort at a new team?

  • How to incorporate hunting lessons in detection?

  • What are the differences...

Feb 6, 2023


  • Karan Dwivedi, Security Engineering Manager, Enterprise Infrastructure Protection @ Google Cloud


  • Google’s use of Google Cloud is a massive cloud environment with wildly diverse use cases. Could you share, for our listeners, a few examples of the different kinds of things we’re running in GCP?
  • Given...