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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Jun 26, 2023


  • Ian Glazer, founder at Weave Identity, ex-Gartner, ex-SVP of Products at Salesforce, co-founder of IDPro


  • OK, tell us why Identity and Access Management (IAM) is exciting (is it exciting?)

  • Could you also explain why IAM is even more exciting in the cloud? 

  • Are you really “one IAM mistake away...

Jun 19, 2023


Cooked questions:

  • What is a policy, is that the same as a control, or is there a difference? And what’s the gap between a policy and a guardrail? 

  • We have IaC, so what is this Policy as Code? Is this about security policy or all policies...

Jun 12, 2023



  • Which old Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) lessons apply today?

  • Which old SIEM lessons absolutely do not apply today and will harm you?

  • What are the benefits and costs of SIEM in 2023?

  • What are the top cloud security use cases for...

Jun 5, 2023



  • Could you give us the 30 second overview of our favorite “billion user security product” - SafeBrowsing - and, since you were there, how did it get started?

  • SafeBrowsing is a consumer and business product – are you mitigating the...