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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Feb 6, 2023


  • Karan Dwivedi, Security Engineering Manager, Enterprise Infrastructure Protection @ Google Cloud


  • Google’s use of Google Cloud is a massive cloud environment with wildly diverse use cases. Could you share, for our listeners, a few examples of the different kinds of things we’re running in GCP?
  • Given that we’re doing these wildly different things in GCP, how do we think about scaling the right security guardrails to the right places in our GCP org?
  • How do you work with application engineering teams and project owner teams to make sure the right controls are there but not getting in the way of business? 
  • How do we scale this exemption management process? Are there things we do here that don’t make sense at a smaller scale? Are there emergent challenges that only we would face?
  • How do you correctly federate security responsibilities between the central team defining policy and the constituent user teams actually using the platform?
  • Burnout is a perennial challenge for security teams–what’re you doing to keep your people happy and engaged?