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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Jan 9, 2023


  • Nader Zaveri, Senior Manager of IR and Remediation at Mandiant, now part of Google Cloud


  • Could we start with a story of a cloud incident response (IR) failure and where things went wrong? 
  • What should that team have done to get it right? 
  • Are there skills that matter more in cloud incidents than they do for on-prem incidents? Are there on-prem instincts that will lead incident responders astray in cloud?
  • What 3 things an IR team leader needs to do to prepare his team for IR in the cloud?
  • Are there on-premise tools that can stay on prem and not join us in the cloud?
  • What processes should we leave behind? Keep with us?
  • What logs and context should we prepare for cloud IR?  What access should we have behind “break glass”?
  • While doing IR, what things should we look at in the cloud logs (which logs, also?) to expedite the investigation?