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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Nov 1, 2021



  • When we think about traditional email security, we think anti-spam/phishing. Your company is doing other things, so what are they? In other words, isn’t email security solved with legacy appliance vendors (SEG) and cloud email providers? 
  • What was the combination of technology and security opportunities that really resonated with you and your investors that led to your focus on email security?
  • Security has almost 2000 vendors and they are noisy, how do you get to clients without screaming too loud? How do you build a better security vendor?
  • Related to being better vendors, but more broadly, what can we do as an industry to make it easier to buy and get value out of our investments in new security tooling and technology? 
  • How can we build security tooling that requires less of our precious security team’s time?