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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Nov 8, 2021


  • MK Palmore, Director at Office of the CISO,  Google Cloud, member of Cybersecurity Action Team


  • Why is there such a huge gap in security professionals who are women and people of color?
  • How does the lack of women and people of color in tech impact the industry, cybersecurity & tech overall? Are diverse teams better performing, better morale, happier people?
  • Are there kinds of threats that we miss in threat modeling exercises for lack of diverse team members?
  • We’ve seen countless examples where AI/ML systems have had problems with laundering biases and having frankly appalling issues due to biased training data. What are security implications here? 
  • Are there organizations helping to close the representation gap in the security workforce and the cloud workforce?
  • Why do the big tech companies and even the smaller ones have trouble identifying diverse talent? Why is this hard even for people and organizations who clearly want to improve it?
  • Why do companies have a hard time retaining diverse talent?