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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Nov 29, 2021



  • Why GandCrab / REvil was the most popular ransomware  family in 2020?
  • What is ransomware as a service?
  • Is every scary article about ransomware essentially marketing for the criminals?
  • Some ransomware payoffs are huge, how do you think they spend the money?
  • How else do they profit off stolen data apart from double extortion schemes? Are there triple extortion schemes?
  • What is the concept of a “trusted brand in ransomware”, is it better for clients because they will return the data?
  • Why did non-Windows ransomware fail as a business?
  • Do we expect 0day exploits  to become more popular in ransomware?
  • Based on this research, what is the key reason for ransomware’s wild success?