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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Mar 28, 2022


  • Alexi Wiemer,  Senior Manager at Deloitte Cyber Detection and Response Practice
  • Dan Lauritzen,  Senior Manager at Deloitte Cloud Security Practice.


  • What is your key learning about the state of SOC today? What one SOC trend are you hearing the most or most interested in? 
  • What is your best advice to SOCs that are permanently and woefully understaffed? 
  • Many SOC analysts are drowning in manual work, and it is easy to give advice that “they   need to automate.” What does this actually entail, in real life?
  • What is, in your view, the most critical technology for a modern SOC? Is it SIEM? Is it SOAR? Is it EDR? 
  • What is the best advice for a SOC that was handed cloud on a platter and was told to monitor it for threats?
  • Occasionally, we hear that “SOC is dead.” What is your response to such dire SOCless predictions?