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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Apr 25, 2022


  • Etienne De Burgh, Senior Security and Compliance Specialist, Office of the CISO @ Google Cloud


  • Why is API security hot now? What happened that made it a priority for many? 
  • Is API security different from application security? Doesn't the first "A" in API  stand for application? 
  • What are the real threats to exposed APIs?
  • APIs are designed for automated use, so how do you tell automated use from automated abuse / attack?
  • What are the biggest challenges that companies are having with API security?
  • What are the components of API security? Is there a “secure by default API”? API threat detection?
  • Just like cloud in general, API misconfigurations seem to be leading to security problems, are APIs hard to configure securely for most organizations?