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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Jun 13, 2022


  • James Condon,  Director of Security Research @  Lacework 


  • What are realistic and actually observed cloud threats today? How did you observe them at Lacework?
  • Cloud threats: are they on-premise  style threats to cloud assets? We hate the line “cloud is just somebody else’s computer” but apparently threats actors seem to think so?
  • What is the 2nd most dangerous cloud issue after configuration mistakes?
  • Why is it so common for organizations to have insecure configurations in their cloud environments? 
  • Give me a few examples of the most common mistakes organizations make, and what they can do to avoid those configurations.
  • Cloud malware and  ransomware / RansomOps, are these real risks today?
  • Are we finally seeing the rise of Linux malware at scale (in the cloud)?
  • As multi cloud expands in popularity, what are threat actors doing in this area?
  • Are actors customizing their attacks on a per-cloud basis (AWS, GCP, Azure)?