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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Jun 27, 2022



  • Many MDRs claim to be “security from the cloud”, but they actually don’t know much about cloud security. What does good looks like for MDR in the cloud (cloud being a full range from IaaS to SaaS)?
  • What are the key challenges for clients picking an MDR for their cloud environments?  What are the questions to ask your potential MDR?
  • Do clients want the same security outcomes done in the cloud vs on-premise?  
  • Does it mean that MSSP/MDR capabilities must be different for good coverage of the cloud? 
  • Is MDR technology different for Cloud detection and response as opposed to on-prem D&R? 
  • How do you communicate with clients about the importance and value of cloud specific detection vs detection for endpoints running in the cloud? 
  • What are the top threats against client cloud environments that you see, detect and protect from?
  • Which clouds (IaaS?) are easiest for MDR to protect? What makes them easier to handle than the other Clouds?