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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Jul 25, 2022



  • Why is there so much attention lately on SaaS security? Doesn’t this area date back to 2015 or so?
  • What do you see as the primary challenges in securing SaaS?
  • What does a SaaS threat model look like? What are the top threats you see?
  • CASB has been the fastest growing security market and it has grown into a broad platform and many assume that “securing SaaS = using CASB”, what are they missing?
  • Where would another technology to secure SaaS fit architecturally, inline with CASB or as another API-based system?
  • Securing IaaS spanned a robust ecosystem of vendors (CWPP, CSPM, now CNAPP) and many of these have ambitions for securing SaaS, thus clashing with CASB. Where do you fit in this battle?
  • For a while, you were talking more about CDR - what is it and do we really need a separate CDR technology?