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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Sep 19, 2022



  • You did research by analyzing 2000 papers on AI attacks released in the previous decade. What are the main insights?
  • How do you approach discovering the relevant threat models for various AI systems and scenarios? 
  • Which threats are real today vs in a few years?
  • What are the common attack vectors? What do you see in the field of supply chain attacks on AI, software supply, data?
  • All these reported cyberphysical attacks on computer vision, how real are they, and what are the possible examples of exploitation? Are they a real danger to people?
  • What are the main differences between protecting AI vs protecting traditional enterprise applications?
  • Who should be responsible for Securing AI? What about for building trustworthy AI?
  • Given that the machinery of AI is often opaque, how to go about discovering vulnerabilities? Is there responsible disclosure for AI vulnerabilities, such as in open-source models and in public APIs? 
  • What should companies do first, when embarking on an AI security program? Who should have such a program?