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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Jun 5, 2023



  • Could you give us the 30 second overview of our favorite “billion user security product” - SafeBrowsing - and, since you were there, how did it get started?

  • SafeBrowsing is a consumer and business product – are you mitigating the...

May 29, 2023



  • What is good detection, defined at micro-level for a rule or a piece of detection content? 

  • What is good detection, defined at macro-level for a program at a company? 

  • How to reliably produce good detection content at scale?

  • What is a detection...

May 22, 2023



  • So, if somebody wakes you up at 3AM (“Anton’s 3AM test”) and asks “Do we need firewalls in the cloud?” what would you say?

  • Firewalls (=virtual appliances in the cloud or routing cloud traffic through physical firewalls)...

May 15, 2023



  • Could you remind our listeners what confidential computing is?

  • What threats does this stop? Are these common at our clients? 

  • Are there other use cases for this technology like compliance or...

May 8, 2023


  • Jeff Reed, VP of Product,  Cloud Security @ Google Cloud


  • You’ve had a long career in software and security, what brought you to Google Cloud Security for this role?

  • How do you balance the needs of huge global financials that often ask for esoteric controls (say EKM with KAJ) vs the needs of SMBs...