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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

May 27, 2024


  • Angelika Rohrer, Sr. Technical Program Manager , Cyber Security Response at Alphabet


  • Incident response (IR) is by definition “reactive”, but ultimately incident prep determines your IR success. What are the broad areas where one needs to prepare?

  • You have created a new framework for measuring...

May 20, 2024



  • What are the unique challenges when securing AI for cloud environments, compared to traditional IT systems?

  • Your talk covers 5 risks, why did you pick these five? What are the five, and are these the worst?

  • Some of the mitigation seems the same for all...

May 13, 2024


  • None


  • What have we seen at RSA 2024?

  • Which buzzwords are rising (AI! AI! AI!) and which ones are falling (hi XDR)?

  • Is this really all about AI? Is this all marketing?

  • Security platforms or focused tools, who is winning at RSA?

  • Anything fun going on with SecOps?

  • Is cloud security still...

May 6, 2024



  • Given your experience, how afraid or nervous are you about the use of GenAI by the criminals (PoisonGPT, WormGPT and such)?

  • What can a top-tier state-sponsored threat actor do better with LLM? Are there “extra scary”...