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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

May 10, 2021



  • How do application security practices change as organizations launch their cloud transformations?
  • What bad things happen to you if you lift/shift your big applications to somebody's IaaS?
  • What unique challenges do containers and serverless deployments create for application security?
  • Is there good news here? How can cloud native technologies make application security easier than a traditional on-prem environment?
  • What can organizations do to ensure the security of cloud-based SaaS solutions?
  • How do DevOps and CI/CD impact the ability to secure cloud-based applications?
  • What is your advice to security leaders who still want to practice appsec for cloud apps in the same manner as they did it for on-premise, the old way?
  • What follow-up reading do you recommend on preparing for an application migration to Cloud?