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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Dec 12, 2022



  1. You were at Google for a long time, and at Google you sat between Google security and Cloud. Now that you're leading security for a major company, how are you prioritizing your focus between your on-premise resources and your cloud resources? 
  2. How are you thinking about threat detection in the Cloud?
  3. In detection, how has your technology changed? How has your process changed? What threats do you mostly focus on?
  4. Why don’t we talk about the role of automation in detection and response (D&R)? How do you approach automation and eliminating toil?
  5. As you're scaling teams, processes and technology for your cloud footprint, what has been easiest to get right and what's been hardest to get right?
  6. How do you approach measuring security? What cloud metrics are you sharing upwards to your board?