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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Dec 19, 2022



  • One of the biggest shifts we’ve noticed is the shift from building security because we think security is good, to building security as a business. How did you make that cultural shift happen in our organization? 
  • With organizations migrating to cloud we have a set of tradeoffs between meeting security teams where they are with on-prem expectations of security vs cloud-native approaches. How do you think about investing in next generation products vs holding the hands of CISOs just stepping into the cloud?
  • What matters more to you as a leader, secure cloud (GCP, Workspace) or security products (Chronicle SecOps, BCE, SCC, etc)?
  • Is invisible security the same as “building security in”? Aren’t there security controls where the value is derived from them being visible to users?
  • Mandiant brings services expertise to Google Cloud, typically not our strong area and not our DNA, how do we plan to make the most of Mandiant within Google’s culture?