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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Feb 27, 2023



  • Tell us about joining Robinhood and prioritizing focus areas for detection in your environment?

  • Tim and Anton argue a lot about what kind of detection is best - fully bespoke and homemade, or scalable off-the-shelf. First, does our framework here make sense, and second, looking at your suite of detection capabilities, how have you chosen to prioritize detection development and detection triage?

  • You're operating in AWS: there are a lot of vendors doing detection in AWS, including AWS themselves. How have you thought about choosing your detection approaches and data sources?

  • Finding people with as much cloud expertise as you can't be easy: how are you structuring your organization to succeed despite cloud detection and response talent being hard to find? What matters more: detection skills or cloud skills?

  • What has been effective in ramping up your D&R team in the cloud?

  • What are your favorite data sources for detection in the cloud?