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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Mar 20, 2023



  • What is the role of network security in the public cloud? Networks used to be the perimeter, now we have an API and identity driven perimeter. Are networks still relevant as a layer of defense?

  • We often joke that “you don’t need to get your firewalls with you to the cloud”, is this really true? How do you do network access control if not with firewalls?

  • What about the NIDS? Does NIDS have a place in the cloud?

  • So we agree that some network security things drop off in the cloud, but are there new network security threats and challenges?

  • There’s cloud architecture and then there’s multi cloud and hybrid architectures–how does this story change if we open the aperture to network security for multi cloud and hybrid? 

  • Should solutions that provide cloud network security be in the cloud themselves? Is this an obvious question?