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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

May 27, 2024


  • Angelika Rohrer, Sr. Technical Program Manager , Cyber Security Response at Alphabet


  • Incident response (IR) is by definition “reactive”, but ultimately incident prep determines your IR success. What are the broad areas where one needs to prepare?

  • You have created a new framework for measuring how ready you are for an incident, what is the approach you took to create it?

  • Can you elaborate on the core principles behind the Continuous Improvement (CI) Framework for incident response?
  • Why is continuous improvement crucial for effective incident response, especially in cloud environments? Can’t you just make a playbook and use it?

  • How to overcome the desire to focus on the easy metrics and go to more valuable ones?

  • What do you think Google does best in this area?

  • Can you share examples of how the CI Framework could have helped prevent or mitigate a real-world cloud security incident?

  • How can other organizations practically implement the CI Framework to enhance their incident response capabilities after they read the paper?