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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Aug 1, 2022


  • Cyrus Robinson, SOC Director and IR Team lead at Ingalls Information Security


  • You’ve been using SOAR tools for years, so what do you think of the technology so far?
  • What is driving SOAR adoption today? And what is inhibiting SOAR adoption?
  • Realistically, how hard is SOAR to operationalize for a typical company?
  • What are your favorite SOAR playbooks to start with?
  • How to build, train and keep the SOAR team? Do they need to code to succeed?
  • We like the SOAR maturity model approach. How would you imagine a SOAR adoption maturity model?
  • How to implement SOAR from scratch in scaling operations? How to start? How to plan? How to not fail?