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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Apr 24, 2023



  • It seems like we’re seeing more cyber activity taking place in the context of geopolitical events. A lot of organizations struggle to figure out if/how to respond to these events and...

Apr 17, 2023



  • What does an engineering-centric approach to cybersecurity mean?

  • What to tell people who want to "consume" rather than "engineer" security?

  • Is “engineering-centric” approach the same as evidence-based or provable? 

  • In practical terms, what...

Apr 10, 2023


  • Isaac Hepworth, PM focused on Software Supply Chain Security @ Google

Cooked questions:

  • Why is everyone talking about SBOMs all of a sudden? Why does this matter to a typical security leader?
  • Some software vendors don’t want SBOM, and this reminds us of the food safety rules debates in the past, how does...

Apr 3, 2023



  • You had a very fun blog where you reminded the world that many organizations still approach cloud as a rented data center, do you still see it now? Do you think this will persist for 3, 5,...