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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Sep 25, 2023



  • What is different about system hardening today vs 20 years ago? 

  • Also, what is special about hardening systems at Google massive scale?

  • Can I just apply CIS templates and be done with it?

  • Part of hardening has to be following up...

Sep 18, 2023


  • Chris Corde, Sr Director of Product Management - Security Operations, Google Cloud


  • You cover many products, but let’s focus on Chronicle today. An easy question: Chronicle isn’t an XDR, so what is it?

  • Since you’ve joined the team, what’re you most proud of shipping to clients?

  • Could you...

Sep 11, 2023



  • Could you give us a 2 minute picture on what Terraform is, what stages of the cloud lifecycle it is relevant for, and how it intersects with security teams?

  • How can Terraform be used for security automation? How should security teams work with...

Sep 5, 2023


  • no guests, all banter, all very fun :-)


  • How is Google Next this year? What is new in cloud security?

  • Is Google finally a security vendor?

  • What are some of the fun security presentations we've seen, including our own?

  • Any impactful launches in security?

  • What was the most...