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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Apr 29, 2024



  • What are the different use cases for GenAI in security operations and how can organizations  prioritize them for maximum impact to their organization?

  • We’ve heard a lot of worries from people that GenAI will replace...

Apr 22, 2024



  • What are some of the fun security-related launches from Next 2024 (sorry for our brief “marketing hat” moment!)?

  • Any fun security vendors we spotted “in the clouds”?

  • OK, what are our favorite sessions? Our own, right? Anything else we had time to go to?

  • What are...

Apr 15, 2024


  • Umesh Shankar, Distinguished Engineer, Chief Technologist for Google Cloud Security

  • Scott Coull, Head of Data Science Research, Google Cloud Security


  • What does it mean to “teach AI security”? How did we make SecLM? And also: why did we make SecLM?

  • What can “security trained LLM”...

Apr 8, 2024


  •  Maria Riaz, Cloud Counter-Abuse, Engineering Lead, Google Cloud


  • What is “counter abuse”? Is this the same as security?

  • What does counter-abuse look like for GCP?

  • What are the popular abuse types we face? 

  • Do people use stolen cards to get accounts to then violate the terms with?

  • How...

Apr 1, 2024



  • Today we have IAM,  zero trust and security made easy. With that intro, could you give us the 30 second version of what a workload identity is and why people need them? 

  • What’s so spiffy about SPIFFE anyway?