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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Jan 30, 2023


  • Anoosh Saboori, former Product Manager at Google Cloud


  • We had zero trust episodes before and definitions vary! When we say zero trust, what do we mean?  
    • What about zero trust for workloads in production? When you say “workload,” what do you mean?
  • What is BeyondProd, for those that are unfamiliar with it? And how is this different from BeyondCorp? 
  • How has BeyondProd actually been implemented at Google?  
  • What threats does it help with? Is this real threats or compliance?
  • Why is now a good time to be thinking about zero trust for production systems? 
  • Companies have many security tools deployed, including microsegmentation and firewalls, how does this toolset fit? Does it replace anything they have deployed?