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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

May 8, 2023


  • Jeff Reed, VP of Product,  Cloud Security @ Google Cloud


  • You’ve had a long career in software and security, what brought you to Google Cloud Security for this role?

  • How do you balance the needs of huge global financials that often ask for esoteric controls (say EKM with KAJ) vs the needs of SMBs that want easy yet effective, invisibility security?

  • We’ve got an interesting split within our security business: some of our focus is on making Google Cloud more secure, while some of our focus is on selling security products.  How are you thinking about the strategy and allocation between these functions for business growth?

  • What aspects of Cloud security have you seen cloud customers struggle with the most?

  • What’s been the most surprising or unexpected security challenge you’ve seen with our users?

  • “Google named a Leader in Forrester Wave™ IaaS Platform Native Security” - can you share a little bit about how this came to be and what was involved in this?

  • Is cloud migration a risk reduction move?