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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Oct 13, 2022



  • Google Cybersecurity Action Team is your brainchild and it is 1 year old, what comes to mind first when we reflect on this anniversary?
  • The team is primarily about helping clients with security, what did we learn doing this for a year?
  • What challenges have we (Google Cybersecurity Action Team) faced in our first year?
  • We released 4 Threat Horizons reports this year, what is the future for this research here?
  • We often hear that in the cloud we need to move away from products towards solutions, how does that work in security?
  • Your famous 8 megatrends post is several months old - any new thoughts or changes coming to this concept?
  • Recently you had a very interesting blog “Crucial Questions from CISOs and Security Teams”, with a list of questions, can you share some of your thinking here?