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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Oct 21, 2022



  • We are so excited to have you on the show today talking about your awesome effort, Share The Mic in Cyber. I love that we are Sharing our Mic with you today. Could you please introduce yourself to our listeners?
  • Let's talk about representation and what that means, and why it's especially relevant in cyber security? 
  • Psychological safety is super important for so many reasons, including  in cyber. Could you share a definition of what it is, and why it is important? 
  • Can we talk about how psychological safety and representation intersect? 
  • Let’s bring things back to talk about the #ShareTheMicInCyber / #STMIC project. Could you tell us about one of your favorite things that's come from the project?  Any surprises? Lessons? Plans? Futures?
  • How can our listeners help with #ShareTheMicInCyber? Where to learn more?