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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Mar 24, 2021


  • Brandon Levene, Malware Inquisitor @ Google Cloud

Topics covered:

  • Which malware is scarier, state-sponsored or criminal?
  • How do we approach cybercrime mitigation at Google?
  • How do we actually track malware? Don’t we need “attribution” for it?
  • What are the most useful telemetry sources for study in modern...

Mar 17, 2021

Guests: no guests, just Tim and Anton 

Topics covered:

  • Discussion of the interesting presentations from Cloud Security Talks Q1 2021 focused on trusted cloud, container security, cyber insurance, Chronicle, ML for network security, etc


Mar 11, 2021


  • Phil Venables (@philvenables), Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) @ Google Cloud 
  • Nick Godfrey, Director, Financial Services Security & Compliance and a member of Office of the CISO @ Google Cloud

Topics covered:

  • Why do you think so many CISOs of traditional organizations fear cloud...