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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Feb 26, 2024



  • You work with technical folks at the intersection of compliance, security, and cloud. So  what do you do, and where do you find the biggest challenges in communicating across those boundaries?

  • How does cloud make compliance easier? Does it...

Feb 19, 2024



  • How can organizations ensure that their security posture is maintained or improved during a cloud migration? Is cloud migration a risk reduction move?

  • What are some of the common security challenges that organizations face during a...

Feb 12, 2024



  • Workspace makes the claim that unlike other productivity suites available today, it’s architectured for the modern threat landscape. That’s a big claim! What gives Google the ability to make this...

Feb 5, 2024



  • Could you share a bit about when you get pulled into incidents and what are your goals when you are?

  • How does that change in the cloud? How do you establish a chain of custody and prove it for law enforcement, if needed?

  • What tooling do you rely on...