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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Oct 29, 2023



  • What are the challenges with shared responsibility for cloud security?

  • Can you explain "shared" vs "separated" responsibility?
  • In your article, you mention “shared faith”, we have “shared fate”, but we never heard of shared faith....

Oct 23, 2023


  • Kathryn Shih, Group Product Manager, LLM Lead in Google Cloud Security


  • Could you give our audience the quick version of what is an LLM and what things can they do vs not do?  Is this “baby AGI” or is this a glorified “autocomplete”?

  • Let’s talk about the different ways to tune the models,...

Oct 16, 2023



  • It seems that in many cases the challenge with cloud configuration weaknesses is not their detection, but remediation, is that true?

  • As far as remediation scope, do we need to cover  traditional vulnerabilities (in stock and custom code), configuration weaknesses and...

Oct 9, 2023


Guests (yes, really, we are the guests!):


  • Could you tell us how you ended up in security?

  • What was the moment you realized that Cloud security was different from well, regular, security? 

  •  Anton is always asking...

Oct 2, 2023



  • Before we dive into all of the awesome cloud migrations you’ve experienced and your learnings there, could we start with a topic of East vs West CISO mentality?

  • We are talking to more and more CISOs who see the cloud as a net win for...