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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Jun 21, 2021

Guest 1:

  • Sparky Toews, Product Manager for Adobe identity @ Adobe

Topics 1:

  • Why are bots a problem to you? Give us a bit of your bot threat assessment?
  • Can you tell us how you think about and practice securing the user experience?
  • What kind of security products or best practices are involved?
  • How do you see what...

Jun 14, 2021


  • Jane Chung, VP of Cloud @ Palo Alto
  • Joe Crawford, Director of Strategic Technology Partnerships for Google Cloud @ Palo Alto


  • What are the top security mistakes you’ve seen during cloud migrations?
  • What is your best advice to security leaders who want to go to the cloud using the on-premise...

Jun 7, 2021


  • Julien Vehent, Security Engineering Manager in the Detection and Response team @ Google


  • What is special about detecting modern threats in modern environments?
  • How does the Google team turn the knowledge of threats into detection logic?
  • Run through an example of creating a detection for a...

Jun 1, 2021


  • Tim Dierks, Engineering Director, Data Protection @ Google Cloud


  • What are the key components of data security in the public cloud today?
  • Why do companies need specific data security plans and products?
  • Do you think Google Cloud today has enough controls for processing the most sensitive data?
  • Many...

May 24, 2021


  • Greg Castle, Senior Staff Security Engineer at Google


  • How is kubernetes security different from traditional host security?
  • What’s different about securing GKE vs security Kubernetes on-prem?
  • Where does one start with security hardening for GKE?
  • In your view, what are top realistic threats to...