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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Feb 19, 2024



  • How can organizations ensure that their security posture is maintained or improved during a cloud migration? Is cloud migration a risk reduction move?

  • What are some of the common security challenges that organizations face during a...

Feb 12, 2024



  • Workspace makes the claim that unlike other productivity suites available today, it’s architectured for the modern threat landscape. That’s a big claim! What gives Google the ability to make this...

Feb 5, 2024



  • Could you share a bit about when you get pulled into incidents and what are your goals when you are?

  • How does that change in the cloud? How do you establish a chain of custody and prove it for law enforcement, if needed?

  • What tooling do you rely on...

Jan 29, 2024



  • How does Cloud Detection and Response (CDR) differ from traditional, on-premises detection and response?

  • What are the key challenges of cloud detection and response?

  • Often we lift and shift our teams to Cloud, and not always for bad reasons,...

Jan 22, 2024



  • Could you give us a brief overview of what this power disruption incident was about?

  • This incident involved both Living Off the Land and attacks on operational technology (OT). Could you explain to our audience what these mean and what the attacker...