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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Apr 15, 2024


  • Umesh Shankar, Distinguished Engineer, Chief Technologist for Google Cloud Security

  • Scott Coull, Head of Data Science Research, Google Cloud Security


  • What does it mean to “teach AI security”? How did we make SecLM? And also: why did we make SecLM?

  • What can “security trained LLM” do better vs regular LLM?

  • Does making it better at security make it worse at other things that we care about?

  • What can a security team do with it today?  What are the “starter use cases” for SecLM?

  • What has been the feedback so far in terms of impact - both from practitioners but also from team leaders?
  • Are we seeing the limits of LLMs for our use cases? Is the “LLM is not magic” finally dawning?