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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Oct 2, 2023



  • Before we dive into all of the awesome cloud migrations you’ve experienced and your learnings there, could we start with a topic of East vs West CISO mentality?

  • We are talking to more and more CISOs who see the cloud as a net win for security. What’s your take on whether the cloud improves security? 

  • We talked about doing some “big” cloud migrations, could you talk about what you learned back in 2015 about the “right” way to do a cloud migration and how you’ve applied those lessons since? 

  • How are you approaching securing clouds differently in 2023 (vs the dark past of 2015)?

  • What advice would you give your peers to get out of the “saying no” mentality and into a better collaborative mode? 

  • On the topic of giving advice to people who haven’t asked for it, what advice would you give to teams who are stuck in 1990s thinking when it comes to lift and shifting their security technology stack to cloud?