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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Jul 3, 2023


  • John Doyle, Principle Intelligence Enablement Consultant at Mandiant / Google Cloud


  • You have created a new intelligence class focused on building enterprise threat intelligence capability, so what is the profile of an organization and profile for a person that benefits the most from the class?

  • There are many places to learn threat intel (TI), what is special about your new class? 

  • You talk about country cyber operations in the class, so what is the defender - relevant difference between, say, DPRK and Iran cyber doctrines? More generally, how do defenders benefit from such per country intel?

  • Can you really predict what the state-affiliated attackers would do to your organization based on the country doctrine?

  • In many minds, TI is connected to attribution. What is your best advice on attribution to CISOs of well-resourced organizations? What about mainstream organizations?

  • Overall we see a lot of organizations still failing to operationalize TI, especially strategic TI, how does this help them?