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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Jul 10, 2023


  • Rick Doten, VP, Information Security at Centene Corporation, CISO Carolina Complete Health


  • What are the realistic cloud risks today for an organization using public cloud? 

  • Is the vendor lock-in on that list?  What other risks everybody thinks are real, but they are not?

  • What do you tell people who in 2023 still think “they can host Exchange better themselves” and have silly cloud fears?

  • What do you tell people who insist on “copy/pasting” all their security technology stack from data centers to the cloud?
  • Cloud providers have greater opportunity not only to see issues, but to learn how to react well. Do you think this argument holds water? 

  • What are the most challenging security issues for multi-cloud and hybrid cloud security?

  • How does security chasm (between security haves and have-notes) affect cloud security?

  • Your best cloud security advice for an organization with a security team of 0 FTEs and no CISO?