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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Sep 18, 2023


  • Chris Corde, Sr Director of Product Management - Security Operations, Google Cloud


  • You cover many products, but let’s focus on Chronicle today. An easy question: Chronicle isn’t an XDR, so what is it?

  • Since you’ve joined the team, what’re you most proud of shipping to clients?

  • Could you share more about the Mandiant acquisition,  what’s been a happy surprise and what are you looking forward to making available to customers?

  • Some believe that good security operations success is mostly about process, yet we are also building these amazing products. What is your view of how much security ops success hinges on products vs practices?

  • When it comes to building out Chronicle’s position in the market, how are we leveraging the depth of expertise that people have with other SIEM tools compared to ours?

  • What advice do you have for security professionals who want to transition into product management?