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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Jan 29, 2024



  • How does Cloud Detection and Response (CDR) differ from traditional, on-premises detection and response?

  • What are the key challenges of cloud detection and response?

  • Often we lift and shift our teams to Cloud, and not always for bad reasons, so  what’s your advice on how to teach the old dogs new tricks: “on-premise-trained” D&R teams and cloud D&R?

  • What is this new CIRA thing that Gartner just cooked up?  Should CIRA exist as a separate market or technology or is this just a slice of CDR or even SIEM perhaps?

  • What do you tell people who say that “SIEM is their CDR”?

  • What are the key roles and responsibilities of the CDR team? How is the cloud D&R process related to DevOps and cloud-style IT processes?