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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Mar 11, 2024


  • Phil Venables, Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) @ Google Cloud


  • You had this epic 8 megatrends idea in 2021, where are we now with them?

  • We now have 9 of them, what made you add this particular one (AI)?

  • A lot of CISOs fear runaway AI. Hence good governance is key! What is your secret of success for AI governance? 

  • What questions are CISOs asking you about AI? What questions about AI should they be asking that they are not asking?

  • Which one of the megatrends is the most contentious based on your presenting them worldwide?

  • Is cloud really making the world of IT simpler (megatrend #6)?

  • Do most enterprise cloud users appreciate the software-defined nature of cloud (megatrend #5) or do they continue to fight it?

  • Which megatrend is manifesting the most strongly in your experience?