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Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Jul 12, 2021


  • Phil Venables (@philvenables), Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) @ Google Cloud 
  • Dave Hannigan, Director, Financial Services Security & Compliance @ Google Cloud 


  • As a CISO, would you ever decide to use multiple clouds, if it were in your hands? 
  • How is security typically considered when companies go multi-cloud in their approach?
  • Practically, or operationally, how does one think through securing multiple public cloud environments?
  • What are the top challenges here? Different controls? Lack of tools? Confusing process? Skills on the team?
  • Would you always buy security tools from a 3rd party (not a CSP) if you have to cover more than one cloud provider?
  • Anything to add about compliance across multiple clouds?
  • What is the best approach for securing multiple SaaS services that your company uses?